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Stationary for a Jewell

August 18, 2009


A month or so back I completed a stationary order for a sweet, sweet girl across the country.

Nicole stumbled upon my website and emailed me with a request for baby stationary. Of course I said yes, not knowing that I would also find a new friend in it all.


You know how you meet some people and immediately know you’ll just click… this is how Nicole was. She was so sweet from the start, with such a kind demeanor.

Maybe it’s because we can relate,…both sharing in the fact that we run small businesses. Nicole is the owner of “Jewell Videos”; a business that produces “celebration videos”, which are “DVD-based video production[s] that presents a series of pictures and/or memorabilia set to music”. Definitely something you’ll want to check out, especially if you’re planning a wedding!!


Or maybe we clicked because we are both in the same stage of life. Me with my new baby, Ruby, and her expecting one so very soon!


There are many reasons why I enjoyed working with Nicole and, what I do know for a fact, is that I hope we continue to keep in touch…especially with her cute baby on the way (I’m sure we can share in the joys and adjustments of a precious, new baby)!

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